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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Law & Order SVU: Season 15 Episode Guide

Let's take a look back at season 15 of SVU before the start of the next season. I'm glad NBC renewed this great drama for a 16th season! It may or may not be renewed for more, but with this many seasons of reruns to keep me occupied I can't ask for much more from a TV show.

Law & Order: SVU Season 15 episode guide

Episode 1: "Surrender Benson/Imprisoned Lives" is the gruesome continuation of the season 14 ending when William Lewis kidnapped Olivia in her apartment. Benson works him like any perp as the SVU team scrambles to find their whereabouts.

The second half is ripped from the headlines as three women and a young boy are found after being held captive for over 10 years.

Episode 2: "American Tragedy" is the story of a famous female southern chef who shoots an unarmed black man on her way home. She claims she feared for her life, but racism runs through her background.

Episode 3: "Internal Affairs" is not ripped from the headlines. It focuses on bad cops and enlists the help of Cassidy's undercover skills to make the bust.

Episode 4: "Wonderland Story" is the episode where we say good-bye to our beloved Det. Munch (Richard Belzer) at his retirement party. Don't worry, I have a feeling he'll be back! This episode also depicts the second rape of Sarah Walsh (she was raped in a previous episode in season 14).

Episode 5: "October Surprise" puts ADA Barba in the middle of a sexting scandal that two of his grade school friends are wrapped up in. The justice that comes down may end one's career. Barba must make the ultimate political decision.

Episode 6: "Dissonant Voices" is the story of American Idol gone bad. A vocal coach is made famous by his protege only to have his world turned upside down by accusations of child molestation.

Episode 7: "Military Justice" has the SVU team looking into the gang rape of a female Coast Guard member. There never seems to be enough justice for these kinds of crime.

Episode 8: "Rapist Anonymous" tells the story of Det. Rollins' continued downward spiral as she finds herself in the middle of a rape/murder investigation that involves a member of an AA group where she is seen leaving. Her love life decisions are the ones put on trial.

Episode 9: "Psycho Therapist" has Benson facing off against William Lewis again. This time in a courtroom where all her integrity is put to the test. We see a different side of Olivia this time. Can she do enough to put Lewis away for good this time?

Episode 10: "Amaro's One-Eighty" finds Det. Amaro in deep trouble over a shootout between the police and a young boy that appears to be unarmed. Cassidy joins in on the AIB investigation... as one of them! Capt. Cragen bids a surprising good-bye.

Episode 11: "Jersey Breakdown" After a young girl is found abused things go sideways when she gets arrested by New Jersey police. She winds up in a juvenile facility where the inmates are abused... leading to a crooked judge and a bad twist in the system. Rollins continues to gamble out of control.

Episode 12: "Betrayal's Climax" A teen goes missing and the SVU team take the lead. We find out she was literally gang raped. Benson and Rollins try to piece together what's left of her world.

Episode 13: "Wednesday's Child" A small boy is thought to be kidnapped it turns out that his own mother gave him away. This leads to a larger sex trafficking and child pornography ring. Olivia finds a baby that has no one to claim him.

Episode 14:"Comic Perversion" An outrageous comedian rapes a girl and her past is put on trial. Some of his worst comments wind up in the media. He uses his stage to promote rape as being funny.

Episode 15: "Gridiron Soldier" A college football recruitment weekend turns ugly when the recruit goes missing and turns up in jail for a hate crime. Turns out he was "straight baited" by the team.

Episode 16: "Gambler's Fallacy" Amanda Rollins' gambling habit finally catches up with her. Will she do anything to clear her debt? They have her on tape, but is she undercover or just a bad cop?

Episode 17: "Criminal Stories" In Mariska Hargitay's directorial debut, a young girl accuses two men of a hate crime in Central Park. Her story starts to fall apart though. Guest starring Alec Baldwin as a journalist covering a story about the SVU and nearly igniting a race war.

Episode 18: "Downloaded Child" tells the story of an abused woman married to her rapist husband ("that's why you marry them"). It's never that straightforward on SVU though now is it. Turns out the now abused wife was a child porn star at the age of five or six. The feds had been searching for her, "Lacy Unknown", for years.

Episode 19: "Beast's Obsession" is the return of William Lewis after a jailbreak. Will Olivia ever be free of this psychopath? Yep, watch and see! He manages to leave his mark again though.

Episode 20: "Post-Mortem Blues"  William Lewis is dead and yet he still manages to try and exact his pound of flesh from Sgt. Benson. The Kings County DA convenes a grand jury to investigate the shooting and things don't look good for the NYPD.

Episode 21: "Reasonable Doubt" A high profile, big ego divorce case turns into a he said/she said molestation case. The question is, did the mother coach their daughter to accuse her father, or is he the monster they claim he is?

Episode 22: "Thought Criminal" is the creepy tale of a soon-to-be sadistic child murderer. He has the room, the equipment and the mindset... all he's looking for is the right young boy to fill his torture chamber. Amaro finds himself back in trouble when he can't stomach this man.

Episode 23: "Spring Awakening" finds Nick Amaro in jail after beating the near offender from the last episode to a pulp in public. Then we see the return of Munch as he comes to the rescue with bail money and advice.

If you know me or have read my reviews, you know that I am an SVU super fan. I never miss an episode and now that I have my Roku device I can stream any episode I want, any time I want. I'm ready for Law & Order: SVU season 16 coming September 24, 2014!

What was your favorite episode from season 15? Leave me a comment below, thanks!

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