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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hell's Kitchen Season 8: Sabrina is Finally Gone!

Hells's KitchenAfter cutting things to the final six last episode, Chef Ramsay puts the remaining players to the test on Hell's Kitchen season 8. Oh, there would be swearing, mostly from Chef Ramsay. Sabrina offered a poor showing in the individual challenge and continued to struggle at dinner service when she and Trevor had to work together. After being called a "little bitch" by Chef Ramsay (more than once tonight), Sabrina was finally eliminated from Hell's Kitchen.

The first individual challenge required the chefs to cook an amuse-bouche for five Michelin Star judges. For those of us who aren't French (or pretentious), is a small appetizer for upscale cuisine. The cooks had 30 minutes to prepare any dish they chose as an app. The judges freaked them out the most, as Jillian said, "I thought Michelin was a tire!" M'kay, tells you what Chef Ramsay is dealing with this season.

Trevor decided to step outside the box... and wound up falling off a cliff. Not that we expected anything less. Trev's version of frog legs left the judges looking for... well, anything else. It looked like frogs in a blender, and apparently did not taste any better.

Gail had a good night. Serving spring roll appetizer, she got high marks in both presentation and taste. Gail seemed destined to win the challenge with a score of 87/100. Then along came Russell. He has no people skills, but apparently he can cook. The judges loved his hamachi appetizer and gave him perfect marks on presentation and taste. Shut up Russell, no one likes a know-it-all.

For reward, Russell and another chef of his choosing got to have lunch at LA Market. Russell chose Gail to accompany him, "because she finished second," he told Chef Ramsay. We all know it's his immaturity (Trev nominated him for elimination once). The other chefs had to clean the dorms and the kitchen and prep for dinner service.

Dinner service went as poorly as one would expect early on in Hell's Kitchen. Trevor and Sabrina were sentenced to the app station together. Prepare for lots of screaming as the most immature people in the kitchen attempt to cook together. Nothing came out for a very long time. Each blamed the other. Chef Ramsay could sense things getting out of control early and started cussing accordingly. I really thought he was going to kick them all out.... and he eventually did.

At elimination time Sabrina and Trevor were served up to Chef Ramsay. Sabrina begged, cried, and tried to throw Gail under the bus. Nothing worked this time. Chef Ramsay asked for her jacket and told Sabrina, "Young lady you've got a lot to learn about inside the kitchen and outside." At the end of the episode he described Sabrina like this, "I'm not looking for a drama queen, I'm looking for a head chef."

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  1. How in the hell can this guy call that young lady, regardless of how much she might have screwed up, a bitch on national tv? I'M APPALLED!

  2. Seriously? Because IT IS a bitch, regardless if it is being called a bitch on national TV or in private.. Call a Spade a Spade. If IT acted like a lady, a woman, a female, or even a human, I doubt Ramsay would have treated it that way. Truth is, Ramsay had MORE than super human patience when it came to that creature! It prided itself on being manipulative, being a great liar, and then when it was in the fire, it switched gears and played the "I'm sweet, defenseless and helpless! I'm twying sooo hard, and dese big bad buwwies are hur-t-in my feewings!!" card.
    He gave that thing chance after chance to try to join the human race, let alone try to act like a "Young Lady", and it never took him up on those chances.