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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua: Brenda Doesn’t Scramble (but she did go home!)

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The puppets turned on the puppet master tonight. It happens every season of Survivor. Last week Brenda and Sash were running the game with a strong alliance. Tonight, out of the blue NaOnka smelled her best friend’s blood in the water and attacked like a hungry shark. When the feeding frenzy was over, Brenda was voted off Survivor Nicaragua to join the jury.

The jig was up after last week’s vote that evicted Marty. The alliances were pretty clear on the walk back to camp. Holly felt in the most danger and started clinging to Jane and tossing around Brenda’s name for this week. Jane talked to the other women, including NaOnka.

Once NaOnka had her “best friend” in her sights, she could not let go. Spreading Brenda’s name as a threat, everybody seemed ready to jump on the bandwagon. That is until she got to Chase. Poor, stupid Chase. Apparently Chase has never seen an episode of Survivor. He ran straight to Brenda and spilled the beans.

The Reward Challenge was a team challenge. Teams had to get the entire team across an area without touching the ground using only 4 barrels, 2 planks and 10ft of rope. The Yellow Team did not fair well. At one point Jeff Probst told them, “...if this were life or death, you’d be dead.” The Blue Team won easily and got a trip to a live volcano and a feast of pizza, brownies and soda. On the winning team were: Fabio (Jud), Purple Kelly, Chase, Jane and NaOnka.

On a side note, the trip to the volcano was not as boring as it sounded. The group got to slide down into the volcano like a giant black snow hill. Pretty cool!

What was left of the Survivor Nicaragua castaways (Holly, Brenda, Sash, Benry and Dan) trudged back to camp. When they got there they were greeted by the smoldering remains of their supplies and food. See, it was raining when they left and they wanted to keep their fire going while away (BAD IDEA). So they gathered their three wooden trunks with all their supplies in them and surrounded the fire on all sides. Boy, sounds like a good idea to me! Worst mistake for an entire group in Survivor history.

The Immunity Challenge was a strength and endurance task. Each player had to lean back on a post while holding onto a rope. At intervals they would release more rope forcing them to lean further back on the post. One by one they dropped out quickly:
Sash (seriously? the first one off? wow)
Purple Kelly
Fabio (Jud)

Yep, it came down to the two southerners tonight. You gotta love Jane. The oldest person on Survivor Nicaragua against the strongest young man in the tribe. Chase tried to make an offer to Jane, just to save her time. He told her he was good for a while and it was obvious Jane was struggling. Jane decided to announce that she was going to let go. Jeff Probst stepped in and told her not to give up, she’d made it so far...

Chase lost his grip shortly after Probst pep talk to Jane, and Jane hung on to win individual immunity. I want to yell at Probst to stay out of the game in that manner, but I’m glad Jane held on.

Back to the decision of who to vote off tonight. The tribe was fairly split once Brenda found out and confirmed that she was a target. Brenda spoke to NaOnka and got the real feel for the turn about. Things did not look good, but Brenda stayed cool. She made a deal with Sash to get NaOnka to think she is the new target by calling her out at Tribal Council. Brenda also talked to Sash about him giving her his idol tonight if she needed it.

Brenda called out NaOnka right on cue at Tribal Council. Jeff Probst asked Brenda if she was scrambling. It got a little awkward when he pressed on to get her to say she was “scrambling”. Brenda told him, “That’s just not my style.” Nicely played. It won’t keep you on Survivor though.

The votes came down: Brenda 5, NaOnka 1, Benry 1 (someone was out of the loop). Brenda was the third person to join the Survivor Nicaragua Jury. Marty had to be giddy watching them all bicker during Tribal Council.  Only nine are left, who are you rooting for on Survivor Nicaragua?

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