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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hell's Kitchen Season 8: Gail Wins & Loses

Hell's Kitchen: Season 1 Raw & Uncensored (3pc)After sassy Sabrina tried to mow Gail down last week she managed to bounce back in the final five of Hell's Kitchen season 8. The bounce only lasted for the reward challenge though. By the end of dinner service Gail was ready to vote herself out. Chef Ramsay did it for her. Poor Gail, from hero to zero in one episode of Hell's Kitchen.

Here's a quick recap, or scroll down to watch the Hell's Kitchen videos.

Russell, Nona, Jillian, Trev and Gail had to make a signature dish to serve at a "power lunch". They went to get ingredients, and then were told the lunch would be prepared and served from food trucks in a parking lot. It would not affect most of the chefs, but one would have trouble with the ambiance.

The hungry crowd was asked to try all the dishes and rate them. With 40% of the vote, Gail brought home the win... with a salad. Go figure. It was a smart move on her part. Russel, on the other hand, went fancy. Too fancy for lunch (he served octopus), Russell got the least votes. Gail won a full makeover. The losers had to clean.

At dinner service things continued on par for this season of Hell's Kitchen. Chaotic from start to finish, with a walk out from Chef Ramsay himself. The guests of honor were a large table of US Marines. It was supposed to be a special night. It was a loud night instead.

Chef Ramsay assigned the stations:
Apps - Nona
Fish - Jillian
Garnish - Gail
Meat - Trev
I'm not exactly sure where Russell was assigned, he would up tutoring Jillian on the fish station most of the night.

Gail shut down completely on the garnish station, sending the kitchen into a tail spin. Things were coming to the pass so sporadically it drove Chef Ramsay into a huge tizzy. He screamed at them then nearly whispered, "Good luck, super stars." as he exited Hell's Kitchen through the front door.

Russell stepped up to the pass.. and Trev fell apart on the meat station. In the immortal words of Roseanne Roseannadanna, "...if it's not one thing it's another!"

Things calmed down while Ramsay was outside getting air (and finding out who was stepping up, I'm sure). He came back in and reclaimed his Hell's Kitchen. Changing things up, Ramsay put Gail on fish (where she's failed twice before) and Jillian on garnish. Things got started again with the warning, "first mistake and you're out."

That first mistake was made by... Gail. She brought raw salmon to the pass. She knew better and did not argue when Chef Ramsay hissed, "Get out!" at her. Gail went back to the bunks to cry... and pack.

Jillian wound up following Gail up to the living quarters after her expulsion from the kitchen. Jillian's infraction? She brought some nasty looking raw eggs to the pass to go to the head table. I mean really nasty looking stuff.

Russell, Nona and Trev managed to limp out the last few tables by themselves. It was not a winning night for anyone in Hell's Kitchen. After telling Gail she should be a short order cook, Chef Ramsay told them all to go come up with two names for elimination tonight. They came back with their offering: Gail or Trev (Jillian knew she got away with one tonight).

It was pretty obvious Gail was going to be the lamb tonight. She just can take the pressure of Hell's Kitchen. I'm not sure how in the world Trev has made it this far though. He must be better than they show, or he's good ratings. Anyway, he's made the final four with Nona, Russell and Jillian.

I think the final two will come down to Nona and Russell. I'm still pretty sure I would not trust any of them running LA Market. Based on personalities, I want Nona to win. I don't think that will happen, but it might!

Who do you want to win Hell's Kitchen season 8?

Watch the entire episode right here, enjoy!

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