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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hell's Kitchen Season 8 Premiere: The Season of Raj, Let the Crazy Begin!

Hell's Kitchen Season 8 - Credit FOX
I'm going to post the entire episode of Hell's Kitchen season 8 here so you can see for yourself, but I think Raj is going to be the star of Hell's Kitchen. Crazy as he may be, he should make for some excellent drama. No more Jean-Philippe either... but sous chef Scott is still manning the kitchen.

The season eight Hell's Kitchen contestants are:
Red Team
Sabrina Brimhall
Antonia Boregman (left with an illness)
Melissa Doney
Jillian Flathers
Emily Kutchins
Lisa LaFranca (eliminated first)
Gail Novenario
Nona Sivley

Blue Team
Vinnie Acardi Jr.
Raj Brandston
Lewis Curtis (eliminated second)
Russell Kook II
Rob McCue
Trev McGrath
Boris Poleschuk
Louis Repucci

*Warning: I would not watch the episodes during a lunch or dinner break

See for yourself:

That was just the first of the two opener. I always think Chef Ramsay has the worst crew.. and every season they seem to be even worse. The words "IT'S RAW!" should be tattooed on all of them. Anyone who has trouble with salad should probably not even apply for Hell's Kitchen.

Here is the second half of the two hour premiere.

The scenes from next weeks episodes of Hell's Kitchen are dubbed as the most dramatic ever. While most reality shows boast this, we see ambulances pulling up in large quantities... hmmm. While they are showing crazy Raj and knife play, my guess is a fire. Either way, Hell's Kitchen always delivers the drama.

Who do you think should have been eliminated tonight on Hell's Kitchen? Were you surprised at all tonight?

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  1. I was surprised at how awful the two hour premier was! I love the Gordon Ramsey shows and have been a faithful Hell's Kitchen watcher, but if the show continues on this path...I'm out. I don't believe that at least 4 of the so called contestants are for real. I feel like this is a bad joke.

  2. "I cooked it for you chef!" ... Raj is quite possibly mildly retarded, and Sabrina is a disgusting pig.. I would have voted for Raj and Sabrina to go. Was surprised that Curtis got kicked off before Raj.

  3. I agree with both of you. There is something, um... not quite right with Raj. The last few seasons of Hell's Kitchen have seemed more like a drama search. It makes for good TV, but it's sad that Chef Ramsay has to work with them. Usually two will step up mid season. We'll see if it happens this season.
    Thanks for the comments!

  4. I'm still stunned that Curtis was cut over Raj. The guy was kind of amusing briefly but he needs to just go now.

  5. Raj won't go anywhere for a while, I really think Ramsay keeps some of these train wrecks knowing full well they won't win, just cause they make good tv. I think he knows from very early on who will make the finals.