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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Greatest Sitcom Moms of All Time

The greatest moms from sitcoms managed to hold their families together while often stealing the scene from the main characters. These ladies of TV were some of the best comedic actresses of their time. These are the women of sitcom history that I've chosen to make the list in no particular order.

Roseanne Conner

Played by Roseanne Barr, Roseanne was in the business of being in everyone elses business. You could not accuse her of being an uninvolved parent. She was probably the closest to most moms in reality.

 Marian Cunningham

Played by Marian Ross on Happy Days this TV mom was in charge of keeping everyone happy. She even managed to mother the Fonz.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Top 5 TV Judges

It seems like court TV shows are popping up everywhere. You don't even have to have been a judge to get a gig naming yourself as one today. All of the judges I listed in my top five were judges in real life, though they acted as arbitrators on TV. You can tell by their no-nonsense styles that these TV judges know how to handle a courtroom, and more importantly, they know the laws.

Judge Judy Sheindlin

Judge Judy has been eating lying teenagers for breakfast since 1996 on Judge Judy. Able to put anyone in their place with a single glare, Sheindlin takes no prisoners in her courtroom. One of the few TV judges who treats her show just as she would her real courtroom, Judge Judy schools all who enter on basic court etiquette.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Why 'Shark Tank' Is the Best Reality TV Show

Now that game shows and reality TV competitions have taken over the airwaves one show is head and shoulders above the rest. Shark Tank is the show for thinking people, and it's serious business.

The premise of the show is for inventors and small business people to present there ideas to five major business players (the "sharks") in hopes of gaining funding. The real drama comes when a good idea is presented to the sharks and they argue amongst themselves as to who will make the best offer or if they will choose to collaborate with each other. The money involved is limited to only the amount the sharks are willing to offer.

No Game Show Tactics

Shark Tank is not a game show. There are no consolation prizes. Either the sharks like your company and make an offer, or they don't. Even if the sharks make an offer the business owner then has to decide if they are willing to accept the terms of the offer. While it sounds like a banking show, there is drama in the way Shark Tank presents the businesses and how greed plays into it.