Sunday, July 20, 2014

AGT 2010: Wildcard Results Show

Find out if your favorite from this season of America's Got Talent made it through to the semifinals. Tonight was the last night of quarterfinal results!

Tonight was the last quarterfinal results show for America's Got Talent, sending four wildcard acts into the semifinals. Criss Angel performed his magic ... and Leann Rimes appeared on the stage (in an unrelated incident).

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Four Scariest Killers of Criminal Minds

I'm a huge Criminal Minds fan. I've watched every episode since the show started in 2005. I'm here to tell you it scares the ba-jeezus out of me every single week! I like that about the show. It's gory, it's mentally challenging... it's genius.

Anyway, some of the scariest killers and criminals have come from the writers on Criminal Minds. I've come up with my short list of some of the scariest killers to come out of this hit crime show.

George "The Reaper" Foyette
I've written about The Reaper before. He was played brilliantly by C. Thomas Howell. There was an epic battle between George Foyette/The Reaper and Agent Hotchner. In the end Hotch won, but at a dear price. Even years after his death The Reaper appears in Hotch's nightmares... and in mine!

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