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Monday, October 6, 2014

Top 5 TV Judges

It seems like court TV shows are popping up everywhere. You don't even have to have been a judge to get a gig naming yourself as one today. All of the judges I listed in my top five were judges in real life, though they acted as arbitrators on TV. You can tell by their no-nonsense styles that these TV judges know how to handle a courtroom, and more importantly, they know the laws.

Judge Judy Sheindlin

Judge Judy has been eating lying teenagers for breakfast since 1996 on Judge Judy. Able to put anyone in their place with a single glare, Sheindlin takes no prisoners in her courtroom. One of the few TV judges who treats her show just as she would her real courtroom, Judge Judy schools all who enter on basic court etiquette.
Judge Greg Mathis

Judge Mathis went from "jail to judge in 15 years," as he alludes to in his daily opening for the Judge Mathis show. He tells people daily to not applaud him, but instead to follow in his footsteps. There are no excuses for bad behavior in his courtroom. He's been there himself and is more than willing to dispel any myths that one can't pull themselves out of the street life.

Judge Marilyn Milian

Taking over on The People's Court appeared seamless for Judge Milian. She's a fast talker and that helps keep the show moving. Doling out advise in both Spanish and English, you're sure to learn something from each episode. What I like most about Judge Milian is that she's not afraid to laugh, both at herself and at some of the craziness that enters her courtroom.

Judge Alex Ferrer

I admit a big part of why Judge Alex made the list is due to the fact that he's hot. He also runs a clean courtroom on Judge Alex and really doesn't allow any shenanigans. Judge Alex appears to be in control at all times during his court show. A relative newcomer to the court TV genre, I think he will be able to stay as long as he wants.

Judge Joseph Wapner

You can't have a top five TV judges list without including Judge Wapner, the man who started it all on The People's Court. Made even more famous by the movie "Rainman," we were reminded how much some people count on their daily dose of TV justice.

It seems like there are more TV judges taking over the airwaves daily, but these five stand the test of time. The cases may seem like nonsense, but all who enter these courtrooms get their moment of justice in a fair setting.

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