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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What’s on Network TV Tonight? (11/24/10)

@darkdiscord with @norm_mac after the Irvine I...Norm Macdonald guest stars on The MiddleImage via Wikipedia
Tonight is all about relaxing before all the cooking and business of the holiday weekend coming up. What a great night for watching TV. Wednesday’s are notoriously good for TV fans this season and tonight promises just as much reward.

Here’s what’s on network TV tonight:

8/7c: The Middle - new episode
Norm Macdonald guest stars as Mike’s brother Rusty who joins the family, with Big Mike, for Thanksgiving dinner.

8:30/7:30c: Better With You - new episode
Vicky’s oven breaks down right before Thanksgiving dinner, saving all from eating it. The celebration is moved to Maddie and Ben’s.

9/8c: Modern Family - new episode
Celia Weston guest stars as Cameron’s overwhelming mother who makes Mitchell nervous. Jay’s stomach issues get worse after visiting a medical website.

9:30/8:30c: Cougar Town - new episode
Jules cooks Grayson a romantic Thanksgiving dinner after she tells him she loves him and he fails to reply. Bobby is upset by a lack of communication with the rest of the gang.

10/9c: Primetime - new episode
Cynthia McFadden reports on celebrities having too much plastic surgery and the price that they pay. Lisa Ling reports on statistics of teens using plastic surgery to enhance their developing looks.

8/7c: Survivor Nicaragua - new episode
The usual Thanksgiving week fair from the producers of Survivor, a recap show for the season so far. See edited footage and scenes from Survivor Nicaragua.

9/8c: Criminal Minds - rerun
The BAU team searches for a killer who abducts certain types of women to fulfill his obsessions.

10/9c: The Defenders - rerun
Nick defends a stripper from prostitution charges. Pete has to take a case after losing in a poker game.

8/7c: America’s Next Top Model - rerun
Watch highlights of the 15th season tonight.

9/8c: Hellcats - rerun
Savannah and Dan go on their first date, and the Hellcats come along for moral support. Marti tries to impress her professor.

8/7c: Human Target - new episode
Molly Parker guest stars as a woman in need of protection from Chance. Lisa finds out some shocking news about her latest business endeavor.

9/8c: Hell’s Kitchen - new episode
Well, Sabrina’s gone, but the drama remains on Hell’s Kitchen tonight as the final five chefs compete for a spot working for Chef Ramsay. Tonight is a signature dish challenge for a makeover reward.

8/7c: Merry Madagascar - special
Santa crashes into the island and suffers amnesia putting the holiday in peril. The animals take the reigns to make sure the presents all get delivered.

8:30/7:30c: Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special
Po finds out he has to host an event on the night of Winter Feast, his favorite holiday usually spent with his father. All the regular cast members return to voice their characters again.

9/8c: Biggest Loser: Where Are They Now?
Get the updates on over 30 previous contestants from the Biggest Loser previous seasons. See whose kept the weight off and what’s worked best for them in their weight loss goals.

Kick back and relax with some animated holiday tales for the kiddies or see if you can stand the heat in Hell’s Kitchen. If you can’t watch Chef Ramsay due to family gatherings (or politically correct guests) I’ll have the recap for you as soon as the show airs.

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