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Friday, November 26, 2010

What’s on Network TV Tonight? (11/26/10)

Happy Feet (Full Screen Edition)The holiday weekend continues in prime time tonight. Most of the regularly scheduled programs are on hiatus tonight. There are some good movies for kids of all ages on tonight though. It’s a good night to relax on the couch and take in some fun.

Here’s what’s on network TV tonight:

8/7c: Happy Feet - movie
The story of a penguin colony that chooses mates through song. One penguin can’t sing, but he can dance like nobody’s business.
10/9c:  20/20 - new episode
Barbara Walters special: a holiday with President Barrack Obama and Fist Lady Michelle Obama.

8/7c: CSI: NY - rerun
A killer who is bitter about health care murders high profile people in the medical field. The killer then calls and taunts Mac.

9/8c: Blue Bloods - rerun
A man is acting as a vigilante on the subways and the Reagans discuss the merits and downfalls of vigilantism.

10/9c: Blue Bloods - rerun
The suspect of a rape is protected by diplomatic immunity. The family works together to find out how to get to him.

8/7c: Smallville - rerun
Lois gets a visit from her sister and dad for the holidays. Things get uncomfortable when the Colonel tells Clark he dislikes superheroes and plans to back a vigilante law.

9/8c: Supernatural - rerun
Sixth season opener. Sam is released from hell and tries to convince Dean to rejoin him in fighting evil.

8/7c: TV’s Funniest Holiday Moments
Jane Lynch hosts the countdown to the 30 most favorable holiday moments on TV. Includes clips from favorite shows.

8/7c: School Pride - new episode
The team lends a hand to a crumbling school for the arts in Los Angeles.

10/9c: Enchanted - movie
A musical/comedy about a princess banished from fairytale land by an evil queen.

Prime time is completely different tonight, for the holidays. We’ll be back on track on Monday night. For tonight, grab the kids or a good friend and cuddle up for a night of family TV.

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