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Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Four Scariest Killers of Criminal Minds

I'm a huge Criminal Minds fan. I've watched every episode since the show started in 2005. I'm here to tell you it scares the ba-jeezus out of me every single week! I like that about the show. It's gory, it's mentally challenging... it's genius.

Anyway, some of the scariest killers and criminals have come from the writers on Criminal Minds. I've come up with my short list of some of the scariest killers to come out of this hit crime show.

George "The Reaper" Foyette
I've written about The Reaper before. He was played brilliantly by C. Thomas Howell. There was an epic battle between George Foyette/The Reaper and Agent Hotchner. In the end Hotch won, but at a dear price. Even years after his death The Reaper appears in Hotch's nightmares... and in mine!

Billy "The Prince of Darkness" Flynn
Billy Flynn was Derek Morgan's nemesis. In the end Morgan won (of course), but he was left with the charge of a young girl. The young girl lost her father and aunt to the Prince of Darkness. It took Morgan several episodes to find her mother and reunite them. Billy Flynn was played by Tim Curry and well played at that. Curry was nearly unrecognizable with his yellowed teeth and scruffy appearance.

Tobias Henkle
Tobias Henkle may not have seemed that scary, but his alter egos were enough to capture our attention. He took Spencer hostage and got him hooked on Dilaudid, a powerful pain killer. The scariest part about Tobias was that you didn't ever know who he was going to be... he had three separate personalities and only one liked Spencer. I think his unpredictability was as scary as Rafael, his "angel of death" personality.

"The Butcher"
A serial killer with Alzheimer's?  If that ain't scary I don't know what is! "The Butcher" was one of the reasons why Agent Rossi returned to the BAU. This killer had a long cooling off period and Dave was out for blood. This episode of Criminal Minds had one of the worst killing scenes on network TV as the killer devolved. It turned out to be a father/son killing team, but the son was not the scary one, he was just swept up in his father's deviance.

These were the four serial killers that have stuck with me over the years of Criminal Minds. There have been many more, obviously, but none have given me nightmares like these men. 

Who gave you nightmares? Who would make your list of scariest killers from Criminal Minds? Leave me a comment with your story!

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