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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Law & Order: SVU Super Fans Unite!

I am a self proclaimed Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (SVU) super fan! There. I wrote it down for all to see. I have seen every episode, and most several times. It often plays as background sound when played in a marathon on USA network.

What do I love most about SVU? The writing. They have a unique way of taking our favorite stars out of their normal element (comedians, good guys) and making them victims or bad guys. I'm not sure I explained that correctly. The writers on SVU seem to ask for more than your average acting job. And they get it every single week.

Make no mistake, SVU is about adult content. It is not a show for kids. It may even be a trigger for some adults who were victims themselves. That said, I think the show does much more good than harm for victims' rights and voices. They often get the justice we are missing in real life.

This spin-off from the original Law & Order first aired in 1999. It's been a success ever since. The cast includes Mariska Hargitay, Christopher Meloni, Dann Florek, Richard Belzer, and Ice-T. I was most surprised by the performances turned in by the former rapper Ice-T. I knew the rest of the cast would be great... I just didn't know how great.

There is no lack of material, or sadly no chance of running out, since they use the same "ripped from the headlines" style as the original Law & Order series. There are a lot of scary people in the world and SVU investigates some of the worst every week. The stories are based on sex crimes and crimes against children. Again, not a show for kids. There is always a moral though, or justice of some sort, for the victims.

Another thing I love about SVU is that there is always a twist. You may think there is only one victim and it often turns out there are many more. Either way the dedicated detectives of the Special Victims Unit will fight for justice... even when they don't like the victim.

As of this article SVU still airs every Wednesday night on NBC at 9/8c. It's been 15 years and had a major cast change in the 14th season, but I think the strong writing will carry it on for a few more years (at least).

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