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Thursday, May 21, 2009

SYTYCD Season 5: Week 1 Auditions Brooklyn & Denver

FOX Thursday 8/7c 5/21/2009

Gabi Rojas led off the greatness of SYTYCD Season 5.

The judges gave Gabi a standing ovation. Looking like Debbi Allen, Nigel Lythgoe said it was one of the best auditions he'd seen in 5 years. Mixing performance with dance. He said he thought he would see Gabi in the top 20. Mary Murphy gave Gabi Rojas the first "Hot Tamale" scream. Gabi Rojas got her golden ticket straight to Hollywood.

Next up came a contortionist pair. Well one of them could "joint-tortion". The other thought he could dance, if he had "schmean" on his face (smeared make-up). It was ...weird. The were sent to choreography for pure "morbid curiousity".

Katherine Leach was up next. Another not ready for prime time player. Calling herself "Crazy" Kate, she lived up to her name... oh wait, she said it was because she was crazy about dancing...

Peter Sabasino (21, Philadephia, PA) came on the SYTYCD floor in tap shoes and clean up.

This was a great audition. He's a good looking guy too! "Your like a tap dancing boxer," said Nigel Lythgoe. "Great variety, great look...I'm not talking about the clothes..." said Mary. On this audition, Peter Sabasino made it straight through to Vegas.

The inspirational dance goes to Tiffany Giegel (23, Brooklyn, NY).

Born with a birth defect that left her with only 3 vertebrae, she still did pretty well. Nigel Lythgow gave her a real critique, as he always does for the serious ones. "The bravery you have to come on a show like this is stunning to me..." said Lythgoe.

Maksim K. (sorry, I'll learn the name if he makes the top 20).

Nigel Lythgoe really liked the performance, minus the winks. Mary enjoyed the ball room dancing. He was sent to the choreography.

We were only allowed the slightest glimpse of those who went straight to Vegas. It is gonna be great!

Time for what looked like another joke audition. Nabuya.... (again with the last name).

This guy was actually good. He looked like it was gonna be... not good. It was very surprising. Nigel Lythgoe seemed to enjoy it. "My fear is that you won't be able to do anything other than that... we'll see...". Mary really enjoyed the audition. As did Napoleon and Tabitha.

Making it out of choreography were: Maksim, Nabuya and 27 others (total) are going to Vegas from Brooklyn, NY auditions Day 1.

Arielle Taylor came back for a second try.

The young dancer went as far as Vegas and was cut. She was still in high school at the time. Nigel Lythgoe really likes her. Mary loves her. Arielle Taylor earned another ticket to Vegas.

Amanda Clark and her partner tried a dance called the Bolero. Not sure what it was supposed to look like. It left the judges speechless... not in a good way.

Nina and Igor were up next with a hot Latin routine. The twirl at the end was awesome. Nigel Lythgoe, "You could put wet clothes on and spin dry them!...I thought you were tremendous" Mary loved it, I knew she would. Tabitha and Napoleon enjoyed it as well. They were not sent through though, as many couples, they had to prove it in choreography.

Kellin Stancil was up next.

He was very good. Vry very good. You could feel his emotions. He just lost his aunt recently and told of how he danced for her. He is a very eloquent young man. The judges were moved. Nigel gave him his ticket to Vegas.

Chimezie Nwosu was the hip hopper of the night. Looking like Twitch from last year's SYTYCD. It was a snappy audition. Nigel said he liked him, but wanted to see him do other things. Leading to a choreography chance. Not yet as good as Twitch, but he may grow into it.

Going through from choreography were: Igor, Chimezie and 14 more from day 2 go on to Vegas.

Heading west to Denver, CO, the SYTYCD team were again hit with the good the bad and the weird.

Kayla Radamski broke the ice in a great way.

She looked a little glam, but she backed it up. Nigel Lythgoe really liked her. All the judges loved her, in fact. Kayla earned a ticket to Vegas. Her grandparents were there to celebrate with her.

Misha Belfer and Mitchell Kibel were up next. They danced as a couple, not a team. It was a ballroom performance. It was weirdly good, individually, but not together. Nigel Lythgoe said "it was a bit like watching Will Farrell in Blades of Glory..."

Making it through choreography and on to Vegas were 11 more from Day 1 in Denver.

For Day 2, Cat Girl took the stage, "dancing" to the theme of Star Wars. It was aweful, and she cried when the judges were mean.

Elias Holloway (18 Sate Fe, NM) and his 16 year old brother Enok, the youngest of 14 kids.

Wow. These guys were awesome. Even doing the 'pull-up' from last season's show. It was a fun audition. Elias Holloway was sent on to choreography. Elias did not make it this year, but look for him in the future.

Saving the best for last!

Natalie Reid, Katee's roommate, from last year's finale, came back as she was told to after just missing out.

Natalie has worked hard and it shows. She moved Sonja to near tears. Mary was also impressed. Nigel Lythgoe told her she was amazing and gave her a ticket to Vegas. Katie was the first person Natalie Reid called (or that's how they showed it).

Brandon Bryant showed his growth as well.

Dancing superbly. Mary was moved to tears this time. She actually sobbed and said "I have the greatest job in the world.. to sit here and see somebody do what I can never do...if you don't make it to the top 20 this year, I'll just die..." Nigel told Brandon to really bring his personality to the show... and gave him a golden ticket to Vegas.

All totalled from Day 2 in Denver 8 more dancers for a grand total of 19 dancers from Denver going to Vegas.

Next week: Miami and Memphis

Stay tuned for the videos!

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