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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hell's Kitchen Season 6: Season Finale 10/13/2009

Dave Wins Hell's Kitchen Season 6

Tonight was the two hour season 6 finale of Hell's Kitchen. The final three to do battle: Kevin, Dave and Ariel. The prize: $250,000 and head chef position at Iraxi (Gordon Ramsay's newest elite restaurant) in Whistler, British Columbia.

Kevin has been my hands down favorite for professionalism throughout the season. He just seems to know how to operate a kitchen. Dave has surprised me with his ability to come up with extravagant dishes in Hell's Kitchen reward challenges. Ariel... I thought she was stronger in the beginning. I don't think she will make it to the final hour.

Hell's Kitchen started with the reward challenge. Each chef had to prepare a dish from a country they chose blindly. Ariel drew Chinese, Dave drew Indian and Kevin drew Mexican.

The chefs had 45 minutes to present a unique main course for Chef Ramsay and three guests: Vikas Kharman, Thomas Ortega and Eddie Wong. All premier chefs.

Ariel presented her Chinese duck w/noodle and sauce first. It did not go over well as the sauce was "too watery". It even looked watery on the plate so it did not present well.

Kevin forgot the sauce to his Mexican dish, but still got high praise for flavor.

Dave was scared from the start of the challenge, having never cooked Indian food. He apologized for before he served, never a good sign. Dave explained that he thought India worshiped cows so he chose a pork dish. He was quickly corrected; pork is not a good meal for Muslims. He should have chosen chicken or seafood. Well, it did not matter. Dave won on flavor... and what else really counts in a food competition.

Dave won a set of Dinour cookware and lunch from the top chefs. He also got to eat with his fiance and sister.

The final three dinner service had the finalists each taking a turn at the pass. Working in place of Chef Ramsay in the position they would hold in the Iraxi restaurant.

Kevin took over first. He showed a laid back style and it nearly bit him in the ass. Ariel had trouble with her apps... he got his payback later. Kevin passed all of his quality control tests.

Dave took over at the pass and got things off to an obnoxious start. Screaming and kicking like a Ramsay mini-me. Things got tense, but food started moving. Dave missed his first two quality control tests. He bounced back with an easier one, and I think it showed that Chef Ramsay was more likely to choose Dave to win. Ramsay took him outside the kitchen to chastise him in a more private way.

Ariel took the reigns and Kevin basically went on break. He completely forgot how to cook scallops.... seriously? Kevin completely stalled the kitchen and there was just not a thing to do. Ariel did not kick and scream and that likely cost her the Hell's Kitchen competition.

It was an easy choice for Chef Ramsay: Kevin and Dave move into the Hell's Kitchen season 6 finale. Ariel was allowed to keep her jacket and Ramsay had nothing but good things to say about her.

In the second and final hour of Hell's Kitchen season 6, Dave really started to shine. He had been the hard worker throughout the season, but Kevin had shown more originality in dishes. Originality doesn't matter if the taste is not there.

They dropped the whole 'design your dream restaurant', which was stupid anyway. Now the final 2 chefs competed in a taste test for a reward.

Dave made a venison dish with vegetable puree.

Kevin made lobster (something fishy about Kevin).

Dave won the final taste test judged by five well known (in the chef world) executives and food critics. Of course they made it a 2-2 tie with the final vote deciding it, but I think all five judges wanted Dave's dish.

So it all came down to the final night's service in Hell's Kitchen. Each finalist making their own menu.

Dave kept things simple: Dave's menu (I'll post links as soon as they become available)

Kevin kept things artsy (and guess what, fishy!): Kevin's menu

Teams of previous cast members were chosen.

Dave: Ariel, Robert, Suzanne
Kevin: Van, Amanda, Sabrina

Dave had an aggressive start and only a few missteps by Robert. Food was flying out.

Kevin had an abysmal start with Amanda having a complete meltdown over scallops. She was chosen for her strength in fish cooking...oops! Finally Van came to the rescue, of all people. Van would make an impressive chef behind a strong head chef. He pulled the whole kitchen together like a pro.

The final was a pretty easy call. Not much was mentioned by Chef Ramsay about the 'taste' vote from the diners. He did say it was the closest call in Hell's Kitchen history (imagine that). In the end, Dave's door opened.

Congratulations Dave!

*Best part of the Hell's Kitchen finale was the end... cut outs of Gordon Ramsay saying "I ain't no bitch" at various times throughout the competition. It was hilarious!

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  1. Well deserved Dave!!! Strength and determination lead him to his reward. Congrats!!