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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hell's Kitchen: Raj, We Barely Knew Ya!

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Reality TV drama took a hit tonight. Crazy Raj has left Hell's Kitchen. He went out with a bit of a whimper (Chef Ramsay's super sneaky attack!), but not after another fun filled night in Hell's Kitchen. At one point Raj stuck his head in the fridge to settle himself down. Now come on, who hasn't done that?

Here we go, I'll post the entire two hour episode for you to enjoy right here! Check it out: Hell's Kitchen: Episode 3

(I'll type a brief synopsis of each video for those without enough time to watch the entire show)

If you love the insanity that is Raj, you will love this first segment of Hell's Kitchen. He is at peak crazy levels. Chef Ramsay does seem to be concentrating a little more on health this season.... psych! He made 'em all get up early to get a quick physical by an EMT before they cooked breakfast for 50 EMTs. The first team to finish serving would win rewards. The women start off big.

Sabrina begins her bid for ghetto queen in Hell's Kitchen. Raj continues to devolve in the men's kitchen... and then there's a fire.The ladies crushed the men and won an outing, pool side at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica. They also got a trip to trapeze school. Seriously.

Trev tried to work with Raj and get his head on straight, but to no avail. Raj was in his own world. Trev pushed too far though. He told Raj to go home and sit in his recliner and eat Twinkies until "you die of a heart attack". Ouch. Raj was "ret to go", screaming into Trev's face to shut him up.

Boris stepped in to calm Raj down, but all the guys were worried about his performance in the kitchen. Even Chef Ramsay asked him nicely to recover ...and don't "put your head in the fridge." That's as nice as it gets, Raj!

Sabrina decided to play princess during prep time. Then she bailed to the bartender section during service. Chef Ramsay gives some priceless quotes in this one. Luckily for the red team, Nona can cook.

Raj decides to take a dinner break...during service. If that weren't enough to give Chef Ramsay a stroke, Raj decided to fire more food than was even ordered, running the team completely out of fish. What a goober. The words he evoked from Chef Gordon Ramsay are epic, even by Hell's Kitchen standards. Chef Scott even got in on the action. Raj described it as "elation and degration." Based on comment cards from the customers, the ladies lost with only a 50% satisfaction rate. The guys had a rate of 54%, not really a win.

Emily and Sabrina were nominated by the team to go up for eviction. Sabrina went ghetto on them again. The men were happier than the women when Chef Ramsay called out Raj from the winning team and told him to take off his jacket and leave Hell's Kitchen.

Episode 4 starts with Sabrina continuing to whine. She really thinks she's something. The reward challenge is an individual dish of ravioli served to Chef Ramsay for a taste test.

I apologize for the harsh cut off at the end (I'll try to find a better ending video for each).

The men win the reward challenge and the women have to make pasta from scratch and homemade mozzarella for both teams. While the ladies cleaned and cooked, the men went on a helicopter ride. Not everything was rainbows and ponies for the guys. Trev decided to continue to whine, which he probably calls standing up for himself, to the entire team. Without Raj at the recieving end, Trev annoyed all of them. Vinnie is proving himself to be quite the cook (and lucky golfer) this season of Hell's Kitchen.

Jack Osbourne was in Hell's Kitchen (only for dinner). Both kitchens struggled, but Louie had a meltdown on meats in the Blue Kitchen. Melissa forgot how to count. She could not understand that ravioli was being served in threes. Sabrina had her own epic fail on the meat station on the red team. She had no concept of time, but I'm sure that was someone else's fault. Melissa actually bailed out Sabrina.

Vinnie came through for the men like a trooper. He's cocky, but he's allowed if he stays at that level. The women finished first, but had to go finish with them guys. That did not work well. The last seven tickets were still in the window when Chef Ramsay shut it down. Chef Ramsay and his two awesome sous chefs finished the last tickets themselves. Both teams were declared losers and told to nominate two people. Even after Melissa bailed out her out, Sabrina still wanted to throw Melissa under the bus. The women talked a big game, but barely mustered the courage to nominate Sabrina.

In the end it was Louie, the camp cook, who got the axe on Hell's Kitchen. Sabrina still swears revenge on the entire red team for nominating her. I guess we aren't out of crazy person drama on Hell's Kitchen season 8 yet!

Who do you think should have gone home tonight on Hell's Kitchen? Are you glad Raj is gone, or were you watching for his craziness?

If you missed the first two episodes of Hell's Kitchen season 8, catch up here: Hell's Kitchen Season 8 Premiere: The season of Raj

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